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Cryptocoryne Balansae

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Cryptocoryne crispulata var. balansae originates from flowing rivers and streams in southern Thailand, often forming dense colonies with leaves extending across the water's surface. Due to the limestone composition of the soil, the rivers in this area have very hard water which is loaded with calcium. This attractive Crypt has proven to be adaptable and well suited for aquarium use. It is currently among the most popular Cryptocoryne species in the planted aquarium hobby.
  • Sold as a Bunched Plants or Potted Plants
  • Bunched plants | 2-3 plants bundle with foam, and lead weight
  • Potted plants | 2-3 plants with net pot and rock wool

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    Scientific Names:Cryptocoryne Balansae
    CO2: Not Required
    Growth Rates: Slow - Medium
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium-High

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Great plants

    Very happy with the plants. They came in very healthy and are doing great in my tanks.

    It’s Growing!

    I use a liquid fertilizer in my tank and it’s growing after only a few days! It’s lush and green like all their products! This is my go to place for all my plants!

    Good health

    The plants i received were in great health and doing well in. I did a bulk purchase as I was setting up a 150gallon. I am very pleased with quality and quantities of plants that came. Very happy customer.

    Good Suprise at quanity Cryptocoryne Balansae shipped

    Instead of just 1 Cryptocoryne Balansae plant there were multiple plants

    Cryptocoryne Balansae - very small, still...

    Dear APF,

    Back in October I purchased 3 Cryptocoryne Balansae plants from you for my thriving fully planted 75 gal. tank. The plants were very small when arriving, but I wanted to see how they would do before reviewing the purchase. Here almost two months later the plants have not died, but have also not grown as much as a millimeter. I have had these plants before and find the lack of growth unusually poor. So, to this point this purchase has been a disappointment.

    Soren Meibom


    This plant, along with the many others I ordered, arrived in perfect condition and looks beautiful in my aquarium! Very pleased