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Lobelia Cardinalis

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Lobelia Cardinalis (dwarf, mini small form) is a very attractive foreground aquatic plant. When Lobelia cardinalis grows above water or near the water surface, they will have a stunning purple color. However, the color will turn back to bright green when they are fully submerged. It's a popular carpet plant for fish tanks and aquariums, especially in Dutch Aquascape design.
    • Sold as small Bare-root Plants, Bunched plants, or Potted plants
    • Bare-root Plants | small, bare-roots plants
    • Bunched plants | 3 fresh-cut plants with foam, and lead weight
    • Potted plants | 3 fresh-cut plants with net pot and rock wool

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    Scientific Name:Lobelia Cardinalis
    Common Names: Lobelia Cardinalis , Lobelia Cardinalis 'Mini',
    CO2: Not Required
    Growth Rates: Medium
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium - High

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Jose Carrasco
    Lobelia Cardinalis

    Great looking plant. Well packaged, very healthy

    Eamonn knights
    On time

    The shipment came in on time and are in good shape.

    David Cullum
    Cool plant grows fast

    Grows very fast looks great on the sides of rocks or wood. Mine didn’t have any purple so I can’t review on it turning colors or not.


    Very pleased with look

    Lovely Lobelia

    All of the plants I ordered arrived a little later than projected but where still in good shape. The lobelia all had nice, healthy looking leaves with variegated colors. All have been planted and so far are doing okay 3 days later.

    Rene Turcios
    They are beauties!

    They look so good. I love that purple tinge to it. Great will definitely buy again from here!