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Plants Dead, Smelly Upon arrival

Unfortunately, we had multiple plants smelly and dead upon arrival. I am very disappointed. Also. Instructions on how to place in the aquarium would have been helpful.

The whole plant died

I lost 2 plants from my order. Its the only company I had plants die. One I had to cut most of the leaves off of the larger mother anubias and the butterfly developed spots all over the leaves and all died. I pulled that plant and tossed it. I emailed about it, but because it was alive when I received it, they wouldn't replace it. I reordered, because it's an extremely attractive plant. I hope the next one is better.

It was very clean though, packaged well no pests. I was told that it was grown emersed and submerged. Maybe it was something I did. But I have tons of plants and this was the only time it happened

Small, cute, convenient

I bought two of these. Plants were sent from APF promptly but arrived at my apartment three days late due to USPS. Considering the very cold weather and delay in shipping, I am super impressed with the condition of the plants. No signs of damage or decay, completely healthy and green. One of the plants had much longer roots than the other. The driftwood kept the plants at the bottom of my aquarium. These plants are very small, good for a nano aquarium.

Arrived late, yet still in great condition

Plants were shipped through USPS which has been very delayed lately. My plants arrived three days late but were still completely healthy and green. The java fern wasn't weighted down enough, and floated even though it was attached to driftwood. I wedged it down with a rock already in my aquarium and am having no issues. The fern itself looks great.

Winter not good for plants...mush
Have to reorder in spring
Plant melt down!

Picture on website doesn't do justice

The fern arrived lush and green. Size of the plants look better than the pictures on the website.

Java Moss
Java Moss

The bag was not as full as I'd hoped. I would have ordered two if I'd known. Otherwise nice plants.

Jave Fern

Nice bushy plants!

Anubias petite

Nice plants that look very healthy.


Nice little low maintenance foreground plant. They come super small so allow time to grow. Great deal though. My goal is to male a lawn out of these

Very Cool Plant!

After shipping, these guys bounced back and are thriving. I'm getting a lot of new growth that's bright green and I'm still trying to bring out some of those deeper reds, but I love the slender leaves. I planted these under my larger Valisernia, and they look great. They're shooting new growth everywhere and looking great. Highly recommend this!

Did not arrive

None of my plants arrived. Delayed a week so far, and they are asking me to review. Please confirm you have actually filled your orders before you go asking for reviews.

Better than anticipated

I was shocked when I unboxed my first buce on stone! You’re getting a packed robust bunch of buce from this offer 10/10 recommend

Very satisfied! I look forward to watching them grow

Great cuttings

These were a great purchase. They arrived very healthy with no obvious issues. Thick bundles of healthy vines. Just FYI these are bundled cuttings. They are very healthy and the packaging and delivery was great I have a large fully planted aquarium so I foresee no problems. No roots on the cuttings when received but they look healthy and happy. Would buy from here again.

Great service

Healthy, fast shipping, great looking plants, all at very fair prices. Will definitely order more in the future from APF.

Very happy

Arrived quickly, very healthy, looks great


Huge , beautiful , excellent . No issues al. Pest free . No melt yet and all heathy .


All of my BUCEPHELANDRA bought from APF. Best online store ever. Highly recommended to everyone. 👍👍👍

Great quality green myrio

I got a good amount for what I paid

Myrio red

Got a hefty amount per lil bundle bought 2 got one free! Just as advertised the red myrio was extremely healthy and over all one of my faves

Idk on this one

The tissue culture I got was full of little plants but they were all density packed and stuck together therefore I was unable to separate the plants, instead I had to just plant the whole clump together

Dwarf hair grass tissue culture

I received a bit less than expected in the culture cup but what I did get was 100% viable and healthy


it’s stunning! I’m so excited that I can see it from across my house! It’s so bright and way bigger than I expected!

Pearl Weed

My soul purpose of purchasing plants was for pearl weed. I’m so disappointed that it literally disappeared in my tank. I don’t have anything in my tank that will eat it and I didn’t find anything in my filter that would suggest it got sucked up. It literally was there one second and gone the next.
But to be fair. The plant was stunning when it arrived and I strongly recommend purchasing it.