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Exactly as advertised

I was nervous about buying since I'd gotten a completely different plant when trying to order this from a different store, but this was gorgeous!

Better than I ever hoped!

This, and almost all my other plants, came in perfectly and are adjusting to my tank incredibly well! If you're looking for buce I have yet to find a better place for it

Very disappointed

Literally everything else I got from here came in beautifully, but this had a weird smell and melted tips. I snipped them off and hoped for the best, but they were completely melted in a day. I love this company and will shop here again, but I'm scared to buy this plant from them again as I've never had this problem before.

Lobelia Cardinalis

Great looking plant. Well packaged, very healthy


Plants arrived in great shape, well packaged and very healthy


Plants arrived in great shape, well packaged and very healthy

Tropical water lily

The tropical water lily I ordered came in great shape and very quickly and very healthy I just planted it a couple days ago so I could write a new review after it flowers.

No assembly required !

The Java moss on a stone rectangle (I bought seven, for the front edge of the aquarium) fits neatly into place, and by next morning I had a delicate lacy hedge for foreground. Beautiful effect, beautiful plants.

weeping moss cup

Nice full and thriving tissue culture cup.

Crinum natans

Plant was nice size and it's just beautiful! I also ordered trident java fern and wish it was a bit bigger but the color is great! Will definitely shop here again!

nicely packed container and lots of plants!

the container came stocked with lots of plants and they all look very healthy and green! very happy with my purchase

My favorite plant so far...

The cutest little plants i've seen! I saw a photo and i just knew i had to have it. Came in promptly and amazing quality. Will definitely buy from them again!!

Amazing Quality

The plants were packaged well and arrived promptly. It was even cool inside when i opened the package. The plants are amazing. Best place to get it honestlty. I would recommend to anyone and this store is just amazing. Awesome service!!

wonderful little plant

Got this to grow in a terrarium not submerged, It is doing ok, some wilt on one of them but not bad, I know this will definitely need some time to adjust to being out of the water.
So far doing great. have great hopes for it.
thank you

wonderful little plant

I bought this because I loved the looks and texture of the plant. I knew it was aquatic but have seen it in terrariums planted out of water in soil.
I figured it would need time to adjust and get wilted etc, but it started to spread out right away.

Im thinking of getting more but really if it grows this fast I dont know where to put it.

Thank you for an amazing little plant

Second time with APF, excellent service and product. Definitely will come again when needed.

Nice quantity of water sprite, 1 came with root (looks like from floating), while the rest were fresh cuttings. The roots did grow quickly without any melting. Previously bought water sprite from another site, the plant came in a pot with nice little roots, but it took too long to adapt and grow new leaves, so slow that the main stem turned black.

Quality Plants

You folks did a great job shipping the plants, the plants arrived in great condition thanks!

Tiger Lotus

Plants (sprouted bulbs) arrived in excellent condition. Appear to be adapting well to the tank with little wilting. Looking forward to happy healthy plants!

Will they live?

I want to know if my plants are alive I ordered 3 wanvisa. I received them with dead and mushy pads. Should I still plant them? Will they live?


Arrived very healthy and appropriately packaged


Arrived very healthy and appropriately packaged


Arrived very healthy and appropriately packaged! Very nice

Java Moss
Very healthy plants

The plants came properly packaged and healthy

Great plants + absolutely great customer service

Purchased several plants and they were all packed very well individually in a separate bag (unlike other vendors) with care. Quality was great and one plant had melted and they issued credit right away with the picture. Customer for life. Thank you!

Don’t get with snails

Don’t get with snails, Plants came in great condition, my snails have never eaten any of my plants unless the plant was dead, but when I put these into my tank, the snails went crazy and ate them all within like the first few days. Specifically Ramshorn snails, so don’t buy if you have rams horn snails in your tank ;-)