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Absolutely gorgeous and healthy!

When I planted them in my nano tank, the cherry shrimp went nuts! They love it and hang out on the leaves all the time. Lol

Vallisneria Nana
Salvatore Canzonieri
Amazing condition

I have never seen such great specimens of this plant each stem has strong and thick and dark green and there was roots. So far so good

Very disappointed

I've used this driftwood before in my ciclid tanks and had no problem. This particular ones leech really bad. It said they are pretreated but I don't think they are. I boiled them again and soaked them and still leeching badly. I'm glad I didn't put them in the new tank.

Mini Pellia not all Pellia

I had to pick out the Christmas Moss then attach it to another stone. If you don't mind Christmas Moss this is ok but I only wanted Pellia.

Second time ordering from APF. This order included lots of different bucephalandra plants. I can't say enough positive things about the health and quality of the plants. Everything was clearly labeled and safely packaged, they even had insulated sheets to keep the plants warm during shipment. I'll definitely use them in the future.

Healthy and Vibrant

Both plants I ordered arrived healthy, quickly, and our beautiful additions to the tank so far! The roots on the Anubias white nano petite are super long, it was a great surprise!

Covered in staghorn Algae...

Plants came covered in staghorn Algae. Not happy spending $25 on 2 plants that are in bad shape from the get go. Ends of the leaves were also browning and melting quite a bit. Overall just not a good purchase.

Not rabbit snails. These are Brotia herculea

This species is related to trumpet snails and is not a Sulawesi snail 😊

Japanese Trapdoor Snail
Charles Hill JR
All Around Win

The Japanese trapdoor snails and plants were in excellent shape and better than expected. I've bought aquarium plants from other vendors and these all came in better shape than from better known competitors. Such a good experience I started another tank. ;)


An incredibly beautiful sample. Everything I had hoped it would be. Perfect large leaf for breeding Rasbora.


Healthy plants, they are better than I spect!!
100% recommended. Im happy with them.

Not rotala subset

This is cuphea anagalloidea

Horned nerite snails

Love these little snails! Ordered and received 6 little thorn nerite snails. The package arrived quickly and well packed with the plants I also purchased. 4 of the snails acclimated quickly and went to work in my aquariums. 2 were not moving. One was dead and I'm not sure about the other - it still hasn't moved. I checked day/night temps along the route before ordering and I regularly test and check water parameters including ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, Kh, GH, pH and temp so possibly the shock of the shipping took its toll.

APF White Foam™
Jan Denny
Works great

Gentle on roots. Protects them from weights.

Beautiful buce

Really nice plant, excited to see its final color after it adapts to my tank!

Melted and never came back

Looked beautiful initially but then melted and never came back :(

All other buce are thriving in my tank

Love Repens!!!

Very happy with this purchase. Repens seem to do well in my tanks and these arrived in great shape…very green and pretty!

Really like the Mayaca!

This is my first experience with Mayaca and I really like it’s appearance in my tanks! It arrived in great shape with no visible hitchhikers found to date. If it continues to grow and thrive, as I expect it to, I will definitely order more. Another great experience with APF!

Awesome 'possum.

I have bought various plants several times from these guys. Never disappointed.

Java Moss
Robert Kelley
The Moss was great.

It was just what was pictured

Only survivors

I have a 150 gallon tank holding African cichlids, scat, mono sabae, BGK, and clown loaches. I have spent a lot of money on plants this year. The fish devour them! The scats even destroyed my anubias XXL and all other variations. So frustrating!!! I finally tried this lace java fern plant and it is surviving! A beautiful plant that apparently tastes terrible, thank goodness! I am ordering more!!

Very nice

2 day shipping (took the minimum amount of days to ship), packaging was great, and plants came in looking good.

Delicate Little Plant

Shipping was fast and the plants arrived in great condition-no melt. They were smaller than I thought - but then you really can't judge what a plant looks like in someone else's tank when you don't know the tank size! I wanted to add a little pop of color to my tank and this plant is sure to shine. Nice bright red color. Planted them right away. Very happy for the 'buy2get1free'. I'm looking forward to these plants flourishing in my tank. Would definitely recommend Aquarium Plants Factory.

Lagenandra Meeboldii Red
Paula De Veaux
Beautiful plant

Shipping was fast and the plant arrived intact and in great shape. Healthy leaves with no melt. Was able to split into 3 plants and they are doing well in the tank. Very satisfied with this purchase. Would happily buy again. (i meant to take pictures with them out of the bag and forgot!)

Cabomba Aquatica
George V
Surprised and pleased

Got exactly what I wanted. Nice colored healthy plants. I think I got a few extra stems. Thank you.