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Rotala Hra
Keith Barreto
Great plants

One of the few plants I am happy with from APF.

Arrived great condition and grows wonderfully. Have already been able to propogate

Cyperus Helferi
Keith Barreto
Arrived nicely

These plants arrived nicely.

While difficult to plant and very slow growing (1 inch a month at most) they seem to be doing well.

Cabomba Aquatica
David Partida
Amazing quality

Bought as my foreground. Have been planted now just have to wait and grow them out.

Amazing quality

Most of my plants have been bought from here.

Banana Lily
David Partida
Amazing quality!

Arrived healthy
See attached pic

Francisco Antonio Leal Yepes

Good quality

Francisco Antonio Leal Yepes

Good quality

great until....

your fish opens themselves up on an exposed section

Love it

It arrived in perfect condition and extremely healthy. Love ordering from the website

Bacopa Australis
Dylan dundas
easiest plant and healthiest

i bought some a couple of months ago expecting it to be bad as my first ever plant order. plants arrived amazing even after my clown loaches demolished them they thrived. they grow best when untouched and never moved. i havent removed them from the bunch yet and they are still amazingly healthy. its the most filling and healthiest in my tank would deffinetly reccomend

Cool variety great price point

Stoked to add some new buces to the tank

20 Red Cherry Shrimp

Excellent! A good mix of male & females. They were split between 2 dedicated tanks...1 20 gallon long with panda loaches and 1 20 gallon long with otocinclus. The panda loach tank is well seasoned & the shrimp transitioned well. (Diet: Glas Garten Bacter AE & Repashy Soilent Green, sparingly...a toothpick dip daily from both foods) The otocinclus tank is a recent setup & the shrimp transitioned well. (Diet: Tetra Pleco Wafers added when needed) They were a little dull in color due to stress but have colored up nicely. All are healthy except one was DOA. I have hard water & drip acclimated for about an hour. I do not chase, etc. It's more detrimental to chase than let things be. I do not test water for anything, an automatic 10% water change weekly or biweekly. Both tanks are planted & kept at sub-tropical temps. This is my second round of tank bred, not second order, but second round & I have much better luck with tank bred. I'm thinking 1st group died out due to too much inbreeding. Overall, pretty happy with the purchase & will order more in the future. Maybe a little bit more info than needed but wanted to help those that think it's not possible to keep these little guys happy & healthy. Thank you APF! :)

Great plant, not a Rotala Mini

Ordered some stems of this plant but I got something else instead. I believe its in the Rotala Family still but its not the same plant at all. It has grown LARGE and has long pointy yellow and red leaves off a green stem. Looks nothing like the pictures. Plants are growing like weeds and look awesome but certainly not what was advertised.


This is completely unacceptable! Could've infected my entire tank! Stay Away!!!

This is a fake reviews from a known person who is trying to damaged our reputation.

This picture is clearly not our plants and can be found online in Fishfur's blog

URL below:

We take this matter very seriously and will take any legal action necessary against this libel defamation.

Completely Disease Ridden

All 3 pots of Trident I received were completely disease ridden plants in incredible poor condition. The company has done absolutely nothing to correct this issue, offering no solution. $32 and I feel like I've been robbed for my money!

1. The customer didn't follow our terms and conditions.

2. At first, the customer emails us a picture of all the plants they received along with the packing slip, showing that all of them are in good condition and accounted for. The customer's original question was why they didn't receive a free plant in their order.

3. We check the order and find out that the customer didn't follow our buy 2 get 1 free policy. We explained to the customer that the buy 2 get 1 free promotion is only valid when they purchase two same plants. The customer is very angry and said our policy is unclear even though we have clearly stated the policy and details on our website.

4. Customer threatened us with offensive words and strong language. In addition, she told us she would tell other people to stay away from our business. She even told us she would leave as many negative feedback on social media as she could to harm our reputation.

5. Later, the customer messages us and sends some pictures of the damaged plants. However, they are not in our original packaging and tell us the plants are damaged even though they did not mention any damaged plants at all in the first conversation.

6. Our team compared the original picture provided by the customer with the new photos of the damaged plants. Because they look nothing like the original picture that the customer provided in the beginning. It is our firm belief that the new pictures of damaged plants are not representative of the original plants or the way our plants arrived.

7. We asked the customer several times for additional proof of the damage in our original packaging but they refused to cooperate and repeatedly used abusive language toward us.

8. One of the most frustrating things is that our IT service caught the customer red-handed when she attempted to leave 1-star reviews on our site under another name and email address. The customer even uses a picture of a damaged plant found on the internet to pretend it is our product. The customer is committing online defamation, as we have evidence of her IP address and the URL of the fake pictures she took from the Internet. If required by law, we will release all email conversations and evidence so everyone knows the truth.

9. While we are always happy to assist any customer with resolving a problem. This customer keeps using foul language which left us with no alternative but to end this conversation.

Great plant, very pleased
Plant arrived looking great, very happy with it. the green leaves with red underside is a lovely contrast. My stems arrived in perfect condition, within a week had started growing and I just gave them a trim already to plant the tops and start making the rotala thicket a bit denser. Very pleased.

Great plant, very pleased

Plant arrived looking great, very happy with it. the green leaves with red underside is a lovely contrast. My stems arrived in perfect condition, within a week had started growing and I just gave them a trim already to plant the tops and start making the rotala thicket a bit denser. Very pleased.

Smaller than pictured but healthy

As far as being smaller than I might have expected I feel like this is incredibly common with most plants purchased at most places since covid. Both aquatic and terrestrial. Just seems to be life lately. I should probably just put a tag at the end of most reviews about it. Because I was still very happy with my purchase. Very healthy, perfect condition, shipped well. It's been about a week, not much growth yet but looking great in my tank.

Healthy, lovely plant

Stems weren't completely straight. I ended up trimming into multiple, straighter pieces so not a problem. It arrived happy and healthy and started growing right away so I just had twice as much plant to work with.

Smaller than pictured but healthy

Smaller leaves and over all growth than pictured but multiple healthy little clumps. Size and the fact I'm using fluval substrate made them an exercise in frustration to plant. It's been just shy of a week though and instead of dealing with crypt melt I have happy little clumps of tonkinensis putting out roots and elongating leaves.

Healthy Shrimp!

I received 10 LIVELY vibrant blue shrimp! I placed my order, and received them next day! I temperature acclimated my new aquarium inhabitants and within minutes they are already combing through the surfaces. They are a wonderful addition to my planted tank. WONDERFUL and prompt customer service and I will continue to shop with this company.

Healthy plants just like the example picture

These people know what they’re doing fast shipping and good packaging

Beautiful plants I received

Very happy with all my plants they look healthy and amazing colors also generous portions. All the plants from the pictures are from APF

They’re just beautiful as always. I don’t use Co2 so likely that’s why they didn’t spread as much as I would have liked, so happy to find them on sale. Thanks

Hairgrass "mini"

Received three clumps. One was green and vibrant and was able to use 100%. One very pale was able to use about 50%, the third in between.