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Vallisneria Americana

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Vallisneria Americana 'Asiatica' also was known as Corkscrew Val, or Twisted Val. It has twisted, green leaves that make a beautiful contrast when planted in groups. Its shorter leaves (20-30 cm) differ from most other Vallisneria species and do not overshadow other plants in the aquarium. An easy plant that readily propagates via runners. 
  • Sold as Bare-root Plants, Bunched plants, or Potted plants
  • Bare-root plants | 2 loose, bare-root plants
  • Bunched plants | 2-3 plants with foam, and lead weight
  • Potted plants | 2-3 plants with net pot and rock wool

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    Scientific Name: Vallisneria americana 'Asiatica'
    Trade Name: Vallisneria Americana / Vallisneria Asiatica
    Common Names:  Corkscrew Val / Twisted Val
    CO2: Not Required
    Growth Rates: Fast
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium-High

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 37 reviews
      Corkscrew Val

      Buy two get three special, ordered four, got six in pots Arrived in great condition.

      They are pearling in a 10 gal. holding tank without co2 for a future project.

      Great price and shipping.

      Vallisneria Asiatica

      Arrived so healthy, beautiful and in perfect condition! I have ordered from other sites in the past and have never received plants as nice, healthy, and of the great quality as those from

      Beth Cothern

      Fast growing background plant arrived healthy and quickly. I have ordered this multiple times. It is one of my favorites and offers security for fish once it reaches the surface.

      Scott H.
      Oh my... they THICCC

      Seriously though, thick bundles of green lushness. Really nice quality Val. There was a little bruising on some of the leaves, but very minor and much better quality than I can get where I live. Really happy with my purchase. The picture I have linked is immediately after opening the pack and putting them in the tank.

      John Mesa
      More than I bargained for

      I have live plants in all of the tanks in my fish room. I have purchased from companies large and small. These are the best conditioned plants I have ever received.

      They were packaged perfectly, delivered when promised and spectacular specimens. After a week in a holding tank with medium light, they are still in amazing condition.

      I look forward to a long and happy relationship.

      Amazing Vals

      These vals came in looking amazing and a very deep green. The amount was enough for the tank I bought them for and then like 2-3 other tanks. They really deliver on the quantity and quality. You can’t go wrong purchasing from here.