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Micranthemum Monte Carlo

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Micranthemum tweediei 'Monte Carlo' can be compared with the very popular Hemianthus Callitrichoides. Micranthemum Monte Carlo leaves are slightly bigger, ranging from 5mm-10mm. It is a bright shade of green and is a wonderful plant to the carpet. A great alternative to HC. It does not need as much light as HC and is considered slightly easier to grow. Good levels of CO2 and rich-based nutrient substrate and medium-light will ensure this plant does well.

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CO2: Recommended
Growth Rates: Medium
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Nutrient Substrate: Required
Lighting Requirements: High - Very High

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Priscilla Kucevich
    wonderful little plant

    Got this to grow in a terrarium not submerged, It is doing ok, some wilt on one of them but not bad, I know this will definitely need some time to adjust to being out of the water.
    So far doing great. have great hopes for it.
    thank you

    Anthony Nights
    Live insulated plants.

    I have some scapes laid out (3) ready for for planting and placed an order with two sites to check quality before ordering the full stock. Buce send me a bagged netcup with brown goo on top, loose in a box. APF, though a couple of days later ( free shipping ) arrived with a live distinguishable plant, bagged and wrapped in foil bubble insulation. I placed my remaining order here with APF expedited shipping knowing there’s care taken with my order.

    Till the rest of the order gets in iv just placed the pot in a tank and it’s greening up well. This isn’t the tank this plant will go in but the pic shows the quality of the MC on the left.

    Cute little plants

    Plants came in very good condition! A pot has lots of individual stems that can be easily separated to start a carpet. They arrived quickly and survived the cold midwest weather just fine!

    Jesus Lujan
    Very nice

    Excellent condition , well packed .
    Very good , green color !

    Jessica Knox

    Came looking green and healthy. I split it into two groups and just waiting/watching to see what it does over the next few months.

    Richard Lebron
    Pretty decent

    They came in pretty decent packaging. Happy with the purchase though it doesnt cover a wife surface area its to be expected. I will wait and see how theyll slowly carpet but for not its pretty good.