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Hydrocotyle Verticillata

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Hydrocotyle verticillata, also known as Whorled Pennywort, Whorled Marshpennywort, Shield Pennywort, and Umbrella Pennywort. Unlike other Hydrocotyle species, this plant retains its trailing growth form.

This plant can be used in the garden pond, in the aquarium, and indoor house plant if the soil is kept moist. It does not need to be rooted and suitable for floating plants as well.
  • Sold as a fresh cut, Bunched Plant or Potted Plant.
  • Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.
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    CO2: Not Required
    Growth Rates: Fast
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium-High

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Melissa Tomlin
    Stunned by the Quality

    I’ve ordered quite a few plants, and I’ve bought plenty locally. I was fully expecting to receive a decent few bunches, some browning, mild damage, things I get every time I buy. I was absolutely blown away by the big, hearty, gorgeous bunches I received. All the plants I ordered came in flawless, but the pennywort just came so extra lovely. I’m so impressed, that I’ll definitely be buying from here again.

    Dan Clements
    Another beautiful plant

    Beautiful plant I put throughout the entire scape. Arrived
    Healthy. Like always from APF happy happy happy

    Ryan S Bockenfeld
    Love it

    Super healthy plant up delivery. Not sure where its going permanently, so I just dropped it into my tank as it came with the plant anchor. Day 3 and new growth already!

    It's huge

    1 month update: Whatever it is, it looks like hydrocotyle verticillata but the stems are about 1/8 inch thick and it grows 1-2inch big leaves that reach the top of my 22 inch deep aquarium. Definitely not the 1-3 inch tall plant I expected. It looks alright though, i guess. Like big dr seus umbrellas. lol

    Healthy and huge

    "one portion" wound up being like 10 individual rhizome sections with a big old emergent leaf on each.

    The rhizomes were easy to plant, and the emergent leaves are not melting---they're pearling! All of the rhizomes have already grown new submerged leaves.

    It looks super cool. One of my favorites and growing like a weed within 1 week.

    Hoa Hoang
    Came healthy

    Waited a week to see progress. Placed semi-emerged in my overflow, they are really taking off with new leaves from several different nodes