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Fissidens Fontanus

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Fissidens Fontanus from North America also known as Phoenix Moss and US Fissidens. It grows relatively slow and required CO2 and high light to grow well. It grows best when attached moss to rock, stone, or driftwood. It will grow roots and stick to the surface just like any other moss.

  • Fissidens Fontanus on Stainless Steel Mesh. (approx. 2" x 2" / 5cm x 5cm)
  • Fissidens Fontanus on Handmade Stone Pad. (approx. 3.9" x 1.9" / 10cm x 5cm)

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    CO2: Recommended
    Growth Rates: Medium
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium - High

      Customer Reviews

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 18 reviews

      I only got the Fissidens on the rock because it was the less expensive option. I’m not too crazy about the artificially rectangular shape of the slate rock (it actually looks more like a thin slab of cement). I’ve had Fissidens fontanus in the past, (delivered from China) at half the cost and much better condition, despite the much longer shipping distance. This one arrived rather beat up-looking, all flattened, despite the shipment arriving on time, within days. It was only strung onto the “rock” with string and not fully covering the slab. It’s now been in my tank for more than a couple of weeks and is slowly recovering. I intend to take portions from the slab to apply to other surfaces, then probably get rid of the slab (or maybe make it a carpet somewhere).
      Fissidens is a slow grower and a fantastic, well-behaved moss. In think it will do fine. My last batch was growing like crazy in my tank (in all the desired places), but got killed off by the salt that I had to use to treat a fish illness (parasite).

      Shannon Cameron
      Very nice

      Packaged well, alive on arrival, love how green they all are. :)

      Ethan Haldezos
      nice color

      Looks really healthy and came attacked very well

      Ben Pennington
      Very nice

      Fast shipping, love the product

      Beautiful moss

      First time customer. My moss and the other plants I ordered all arrived in good condition, looking healthy. Thanks! I'll probably order here again.

      Kyle Geyer
      Great plants as always!

      Nice looking moss! I detached it from the slate it came on and tied it to a rock in my aquarium with some fishing line so it will grow and cover the whole rock!