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Bucephalandra Purple Mini - Tissue Culture Cup

Bucephalandra Purple Mini was discovered in a beautiful rainforest at Borneo Island, Lamandau region in Indonesia. When growing above water, it has small dark green, brownish leaves. In the optimal submerged environment, the submerged underwater leaves will develop dark green, blue, purple colors.  This is a beautiful Bucephalandra species for any aquarium fish tanks and aquascape design.

Bucephalandra takes a very long time to develop into a thick, compact carpet over rocks, woods in nature. Because of the popularity of the Bucephalandra species. It has been heavily taken from the wild and Bucephalandra species on its way of distinction. Here at Aquarium Plants Factory, we are committed to providing Farm-raised and Tissue Culture Bucephalandra species to save the forest and protect the nature river, rainforest in Indonesia.
    Scientific name: Bucephalandra
    Common name: Bucep / Buce plants
    Rank: Genus
    Higher classification: Schismatoglottideae
    CO2: Recommended
    Growth Rates: Slow
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium-High

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review Write a review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Fantastic Buce TC Cups

      These cups came in healthy and it didn't matter that they got tumbled around a bit in shipping. I received them in late April and kept them in indirect light until the beginning of June before
      I submerged them. It's not good practice to do that with any TC, so be careful. The Lamdaus are a hardy line of Buce. This variety grows a tad quicker than some of the others like Red Kedang or
      Mini Red, so this would be my choice to attach to rocks or start a mat.
      I don't have a picture to go with the review, but part of the reason is, I'm not yet sure what I'm going to do with all two cups of in my 20G long.
      The clusters are either floating around or anchored between things in the tank. You won't get this much TC Buce from anywhere else!