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Tropica Premium Nutrition

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Easy to use Premium Liquid Fertilizer Nutrition for aquarium plants. Easily dispensed with the pump and ensures proper plant growth.
  • 125ml or 300ml bottles
  • Contains iron, manganese, and vital micronutrients
  • Does not contain nitrogen and phosphor
  • Suitable for aquariums with few or slow-growing plants and many fish

How to use the product

Premium Nutrition is added every week when changing the water. The pump bottle dispenses 2 mL per push. We recommend 6 mL (3 pumps per 50 L water per week), but recommend that this is set in accordance with plant requirements. For example, pale leaves often indicate a lack of nutrition, but can also be due to poor growth. Echinodorus Bleheri will often show a lack of micro-nutrients. Regular dosing with Premium Nutrition can restore green and luxuriant leaves. Note, however, that Premium Fertiliser is a fertilizer and not a medicine for dying plants.

It is recommended that a minimum of 25% of the aquarium water be changed every second week. If undesirable algae growth does occur, then we recommend increasing water change frequency (up to 50%) and planting additional rapid growth water plants such as Hygrophila, Vallisneria, and Egeria.

Customer Reviews

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Eric Salas/ Gel 7188

This fertilizer its great. Packing 10!! Its was shipped pretty fast.

Austin Cathey

stuff works so well! Thank you so much 😇

Noah Aucoin
A Must Have For Stem Plants

My stem plants have prospered since I switched over to this fert. I love that its a pump bottle as well as not requiring refrigeration. I will say that if you are planning to use this in more than one aquarium, or in a large aquarium, then the 125ml bottle will run out at an alarming rate