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Taxiphyllum Spiky Moss - Tissue Culture Cup

Taxiphyllum Spiky aka Spiky Moss from Asia is very popular in ADA-style Aquascape. It grows best when attached to vertical driftwood or vertical object because the beautiful branch shoot will grow just like a Christmas tree. It also suitable for foreground plants and creates a carpet effect when growing them in stone pad or mesh. Like any other mosses, Spiky moss is a good choice for planted aquariums, especially for fishes and shrimp. 
Disclaimer: Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation. Unless specific, we don't guarantee aquatic plants will be free of pests, pesticides, grow emerged, or submerge.
      CO2: Not Required
      Growth Rates: Medium - Fast
      Difficulty Level: Beginner
      Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
      Lighting Requirements: Low - High 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Joseph Lake
      Healthy and green

      Some of the best moss I’ve ever seen, super lush green 10/10


      Arrived looking very healthy and pretty. I just put some in my tank last night so can't really comment on how its going to do yet. Definitely happy with its arrival and quick shipping. Would order from here again if I need plants.

      Super healthy plants, growth took off immediately!

      This is the first time I've had moss so I'm not sure how quick it usually spreads but it has grown quite a bit in the 5 weeks since it arrived. All the plants in my 55g tank are from Aquarium Plants Factory and as you can see, they've all grown SO much since I received them! (For reference, I don't use CO2 and they've still done extremely well!) And maybe I lucked out, but all the plants were/are snail free!


      Fast growing without CO2 supp, 1 tissue cup completely covered this driftwood in 2 months!

      Matthew LeJeune
      Very Pleased

      It looked odd at first because of the circular shape of the petri dish but I was able to use some green thread to hold it down to two separate rocks in my tank. The spiky moss has really filled out particularly the one that has more light. It has nice lighter green highlights as it grows. I left the gel on the moss to attach it to the rocks.