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Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata

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Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata is a great and undemanding foreground plant that can do well in low to medium light. A rich nutrient substrate is required and CO2 is optional. This plant grows very fast and forms a nice carpet in the right environment.

  • Sold as Bare-root Plants, Bunched plants, or Potted plants
  • Bare-root plants | 6 loose bare-root plants
  • Bunched plants | 6 rooted plants bundle with foam, and lead weight
  • Potted plants | 6 rooted plants with net pot and rock wool

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    Scientific Name:Sagittaria Subulata
    Common Name:Dwarf Sag / Dwarf Sagittaria
    CO2: Not Required
    Growth Rates: Fast
    Difficulty Level: Easy
    Nutrient Substrate: Required
    Lighting Requirements: Low - Medium 

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Dwarf Sag and Dwarf Baby's Tears.

    Restarting a 75 Gal. freshwater with co2, Compact CF and 48" LED lighting.

    Both were three for the price of two and arrived promptly and in great condition.

    Zero loss and all are pearling. Just waiting for cycling and filling in.

    APF is a great source for plants at a reasonable price.


    Recieved more then expected. All very good quality. Noticed growth by 3rd day in walstad tank.

    Brad Escue
    Bulk Dwarf Sagittaria Subulata Order

    I received my order of Dwarf Sag the other day and was pleased. About 90% of what I received was able to be planted. The rest had rot and needed to be disposed of responsibly. The ones that I did plant looked very healthy and filled the area of my 90U tank nicely. This should help jump start my carpet since I planted so much. Thank you!

    Wonderful Looking Plants

    Set up a new 20 gallon with Java Moss, Dwarf Sagittaria, Vallisneria, Java Moss, Dwarf Lilies, Pogostemon Stellatus ..arrived in wonderful condition and doing well in first week!

    Matthew Horn
    Arrived on time and Healthy

    Arrived on time and healthy. Planted and seeing new growth in 10 days already.

    Allen Vanduyne

    Dwarf sagitaria looks awesome. Ordered around Christmas so shipping was delayed and i emailed them asking if they thought they would be ok? They emailed me back a few hours later reassuring me they should be fine and they were right. Came nicely package and look vibrant green. The buy 2 get 1 free is an added bonus. Got 23 plants from 3 bundles