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Rotala Wallichii - Tissue Culture Cup

Rotala Wallichii is a stunning pink, red color plants with needle-shaped leaves. Rotala Wallichii will look best when planted in a group as a mid-ground or background plant. Rotala Wallichii is not the easiest plant to maintain but it is certainly one of the most popular and common red stem plants in the hobby. Rotala Wallichii required a rich nutrient substrate, high lighting along with CO2 injected aquarium. Rotala Willichii may be still green when shipping out similar to picture 2. Dosing iron liquid nutrients along with the rich nutrient substrate, high lighting and CO2 will boost the red of this plant come out faster. 

    CO2: Recommended
    Growth Rates: Medium - Fast
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium - High 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Linda Wolf
    Beautiful and Healthy

    The plant arrived healthy and in tact. Green in color and nice root system. Can't wait to see this plant settle and show some of it's true colors.

    Jonas Root
    Rotala Wallichii

    Tissue culture arrived in great shape, even in Colorado winter temperatures. APF shipped my order same day as I placed it. Fantastic thanks!!

    Robert Ward
    Great condition

    As always my order was shipped fast and on time. Plant came in great condition with beautiful color.