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Rotala sp. Green - Tissue Culture Cup

Rotala sp. Green is another variant of Rotala Rotundifolia 'Green' but this species grows more compact and low to the ground especially when growing in high light. When growing in strong light, CO2, and nutrient-rich environment the leaves will grow very compact and creep down to the substrate. It's can be a foreground, carpet plants when trimmed often, and very popular in Dutch-style Aquascape and ADA nature aquarium style.
      CO2: Recommended
      Growth Rates: Medium - Fast
      Difficulty Level: Intermediate
      Nutrient Substrate: Required
      Lighting Requirements: Medium - High

        Customer Reviews

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        Joel D
        There's a lot in that little cup!

        As I unrolled and separated this from its little cup I was pleasantly surprised how good of a shape this plant was! Not a dead or dying leaf to be seen. Also, how much of it there was in there! Excellent! Well worth it and I will buy some again for my other tanks!