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Riccia Fluitans - Tissue Culture Cup

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Riccia Fluitans commonly known as floating crystalwort. It can be grown free-floating or attach to driftwood, rock, etc. Riccia Moss is a popular carpet plant for Nature Aquarium style. Under high light and good environment, it produces many oxygen bubbles also known as pearling. Riccia Fluitans is a soft, moss-like, and delicate texture.
    CO2: Recommended
    Growth Rates: Medium - Fast
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
    Lighting Requirements: High 

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Ryan S Bockenfeld
    So far, so green

    Tied it to a rock. Seems happy with my CO2 and strong lights. Culture cup arrived with a perfect, healthy specimen, so if it dies....itS ALL ON ME!

    Quick delivery, great condition

    Fast delivery and great condition. I broke apart the contents into smaller pieces and let them float. Started pearling the next day!

    Rod H
    Their here!

    Got ‘em as ordered! Now I’m going to get a couple water lettuce to put in an inverted aquarium to float at the top and see how they work. Will send pics as events warrant.


    Our Riccia cultures arrived in great condition after a cross country trek. The plants are very healthy and are a great addition to our viv.

    Sabrina B.
    Great Plants, Great Service!

    I have ordered from APF multiple times and have never been disappointed. Their customer service is prompt, their shipments always arrive on time, and their plants always look healthy and transition well. The Riccia Fluitans is no exception to this, it arrived full and green, and transitioned well into my tank!