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Anubias White Petite - Bare Root

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Anubias White Petite is also known as Petite Snow White Marble. The color of the plant range from marbled green, light yellow to completely white. This is a true petite nanosize Anubias White Petite. The size is comparable with our Anubias Nano 'Super Petite'

  • Sold as a small, bare-root plant. Similar to picture
  • Tissue Culture technology |  100% Snails, Algae & Disease Free!
  • Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation. 
CO2: Recommended
Growth Rates: Slow
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
Lighting Requirements: Low - High 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Beautiful little plant

I ordered the 5 pack because the are so small. I planned on mixing them with the anubius petite to cover a large piece of driftwood. I received a single plant instead of the pack of 5. I emailed the company and they responded within 30 minutes... and that was on a Saturday afternoon. Great customer service. I'll be shopping for plants here again in the future.


These are really beautiful underwater. I purchased 2 , one is doing great the other one is experiencing slight melt so I may move it onto a different aquarium and see if its happier .

Super tiny!

I really love this type of anubias! I’ve purchased before and I love the color. The only downside is these are so teeeny tiny it’s hard to work with them.

came in healthy

looks like it was nice and healthy when it came in but melted away within 2 days

Plants did not ship well, did not recover.

To put this in perspective, I received my order on February 25th, so there has been an ample amount of time for the plant to recover. The plant did not ship well, but this is not to be unexpected in this hobby. What was unexpected was the quick death of the plant. I ordered six plants, housing two in a low-tech epiphyte tank, two in a medium-light co2 tank, and two in a high-tech tank. None of the plants survived. I honestly have no clue why they died off so quickly. I suspect that emerse growth in combination with the small size of the plants set this up for failure. I have never had an anubias die on me, and I must say that I am extremely disappointed with this plant. Attached is a photo of the rhizome taken Tuesday, March 16th, along with the tank it was housed in, for reference.


Very Prety plant...at first. Started loosing leaves right after I put it in the tank litterly had sevral fall off right then and there. It has been rapidly loosing leaves since I got it. Some fell off others seem to be melting ... not many left. Tank is well established and full of other anubias species that are doing fine. I'm hoping its shipping stress and the new enviroment. It's still holding on so it could still possibly recover. I hope.