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Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' | PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE TO SHIP ON FRIDAY 16TH

Aquarium Plants Factory

Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden' is a cultivated variety of Nesaea crassicaulis red. It is a very beautiful aquatic plant and it has high demands for light, nutrient, and CO2. It grows best in soft and slightly acidic water. This plant is similar to Ammannia species and is often mistaken for them. But in the aquarium, it can be easy recognized by its yellow-green stems. Easy to propagate by side shoots or cuttings, which can be cut off and planted in the bottom.
  • Sold as a bunched plant. 6+ stems each bunch, fresh cut without root.
  • BUY 2 GET 1 FREE* - Simply buy 2, we will send you 1 extra for free. (same plant only)
  • Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.
CO2: Recommended
Growth Rates: Medium
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Nutrient Substrate: Required
Lighting Requirements: Medium-High

Collections: Mid-ground / Background Plants

Category: Nesaea

Type: Bunched Plants