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Murdannia Keisak | Dwarf Water Bamboo

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Murdannia Keisak is truly one of the most beautiful and unique aquatic plants. Green shoots, dwarf bamboo-looking. Similar to the popular semi-water Lucky Bamboo but have a thinner stem and true aquatic that can grow to submerge, below the water surface. This Dwarf Water Bamboo grows quickly and under good nutrients, high light, and CO2, they may turn reddish in color. When overgrow, they can be trim and replant just like any other stem water plant. 
  • Sold as a bunched plant. Fresh cut, 4+ stems with a lead weight.
  • Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.
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Scientific Name:  Murdannia Keisak
Common Name:Dwarf Water Bamboo   
CO2: Not Required
Growth Rates: Medium - Fast
Difficulty Level: Easy
Nutrient Substrate: Required
Lighting Requirements: Medium - High
    Attention! This plant is known as an invasive species in New York. Please do not order if you are in that state.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Very pleased

    I received very healthy plants in good condition. Beautiful stem plant.