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Mini Pellia Moss on Handmade Stone Pad

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Riccardia Chamedryfolia also known as Mini Pellia or Mini Coral Moss and Liverwort. It's very rare yet popular in aquascaping. Riccardia species are undemanding and easy to maintain. They preferred cooler water and grow best in good lighting, CO2, and rich nutrients environment. Like any other mosses, it can be attached to the rock, stone, driftwood, and any aquarium decorations.
Handmade Especially For You! The aquatic plant that already attached to a mat of slate rock approx. 3.9" x 1.9" / 10cm x 5cm in sizes. Simply drop them in the aquarium and watch them grow! 
  • Sold as a mat/pad, portion.

Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation. Unless specific, we don't guarantee aquatic plants will be grow emerged, or submerge.

Common Name: Mini Pelia / Mini Subwassertang / Coral Moss 
CO2: Recommended
Growth Rates: Slow - Medium
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
Lighting Requirements: Low - High 


    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    The entire clay slab is covered nicely. Nice bright color.

    Absolutely beautiful!

    It was bigger than I expected which was nice and it arrived nice and green! Makes my aquarium feel kind of industrial in a cool way! Arrived safe and quickly.

    Very healthy

    Happy to do business with you guys very healthy plants and great customer service

    The only Mini Pellia moss I've bought that didn't die!!

    FINALLY a portion that didn't die on me! I've bought this species of moss SOO many times from various places and each time none of it made it past a month. Even though my tanks are matured and clean it would just turn brown and disintegrate.
    Bought one back in September from here because it was on sale and the portion size caught my eye. It's growth has not disappointed! First 2 pictures show just some of the growth from that September batch and I didn't even include the other 2-3 more rocks that look similar.
    Bought another batch during the Black Friday sale to cover more rocks and the portion was bigger than the first. You do need to clean the old growth off but even then, its still waaay more than I ever got from other places.

    Great quality plants

    Nice portion size and healthy plants that got delivered in timely fashion. Waiting to grow out.

    Great addition to my aquarium

    My neo shrimp and fry love it. It’s very healthy and was a good price.