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Java Fern (Leptochilus pteropus, synonym Microsorum pteropus), named after the Indonesian island of Java, can be found in Malaysia, Thailand, Northeast India, and parts of China. It's a plant with a lot of various geographic variants, all with different leaf sizes and shapes.

There are lots of different varieties of Microsorum species including but not limited to hardy leaf, soft leaf, narrow leaf, broadleaf, petite leaf, longleaf, wavy leaf, trident leaf, etc. Like any other Microsorum species, Java Fern Philippine can be attached to driftwood, stone, rock, and other aquarium decorations.

  • Approx. 15-20cm tall, special tall size Java Fern!
  • Loose rhizome | loose, bare-root, small portion approx. 6+ leaf
  • Potted plants | approx 6+ leaf potted plants with Rockwool and net pot

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Scientific Name: Microsorum pteropus
Common Names: Java Fern
CO2: Not Required
Growth Rates: Slow
Difficulty Level: Easy
Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
Lighting Requirements: Medium-High
Can be grow emerged?: Yes
Can be attached to driftwood, stone, rock, aquarium decoration?: Yes


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