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Malaysian Driftwood With Hole

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  • Pre-treated nano wood ( boiled and sun-dried )
  • Estimated driftwood size: 1.0 - 1.5 inches
  • Pre-drilled. Estimated hole size: 2cm / 0.8 inches
  • Small Malaysian Driftwood With Pre-Drilled Hole 
  • Natural product, sizes may vary in shape
  • Can be used in the aquarium to attached live aquarium plants ( Anubias, Java Fern, etc ) in the hole with APF White Foam™ or Rockwool and allow root to grow down naturally to the soil substrate

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Work nice to keep my Cory’s from digging up the plant in my tank.

    Michelle Culwell
    Nifty little guys

    I really like these small drift woods with the holes for my tanks. Great for small spaces or if you don't want the look of larger driftwood pieces. I didn't know about them when I set up my Betta tank and after using them in a larger tank, I went back and replaced the larger driftwood in my Betta tank to these.

    Alvin W Wong
    Just as described

    Perfect size for my nano tank. Nice, flat surfaces (cut lines) available to provide flexibility in how they can be oriented in the tank. Also, there is enough texture to attach Java Moss or other plants like Anubias

    Shauna Brennom
    Needs to soak before install

    I did need to let them float for a few days but they finally settled and look great. Very happy with what was received.

    Paula Noakes
    Driftwood with holes

    Soaking them now. They are the perfect size for my 10 gallon tank.