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Ludwigia Arcuata / Needle Leaf Repens

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Ludwigia Arcuata is one of the popular Ludwigia species for fish tanks and aquariums. Here at Aquarium Plants Factory, we grow this plant emerged, which the leaf will be green and narrow. When they grow to submerge, the leaf will turn red in color and the leaf shape will transform to a needle-like leaf.
  • Sold as Fresh-cut Plants, Bunched plants, or Potted plants
  • Emerged stage, green in color similar to picture 2
  • Fresh-cut plants | 6 stems, loose fresh-cut plants
  • Bunched plants | 6 fresh-cut plants with foam, and lead weight
  • Potted plants | 6 fresh-cut plants with net pot and rock wool

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Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation. Unless specific, we don't guarantee aquatic plants will be grow emerged, or submerge. 

      Scientific Name:Ludwigia Arcuata
      Common Names:Red Ludwigia / Needle Leaf Ludwigia / Narrow Leaf Ludwigia
      CO2: Not Required
      Growth Rates: Medium
      Difficulty Level: Easy
      Nutrient Substrate: Required
      Lighting Requirements: Medium-High

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 12 reviews
        Needle leaf repens

        Beautiful. Looks great!

        Perfect for my planted guppy tank!

        As usual, my plants arrived quickly and in great condition! They look great in my tank. They will eventually get red and add the perfect amount of color!

        Nice and healthy!

        As always APF is great to work with. Processing times were quick and the plants all arrived well-packaged and healthy. The Ludwigia Needle Leaf was a nice big bunch about 6 inches tall. Some of the stalks were already developing roots, which was nice, so I haven't had to re-plant any of them (some stem plants have come uprooted, but not these.) Super happy! I don't expect it to turn red in my low-tech setup, but I really just wanted a nice interesting taller plant, which this looks to be!

        Healthy plants

        Arrived fast and wrapped safe. Great plants, very healthy.

        Ludwigia needle leaf

        Usps took seven days to deliver,plants were well wrapped ,received three nice bundles after acclimation should do well .these appear to be emerse grown so will take a bit longer to adjust but are very healthy plants and will be a beautiful addition to tank.

        Ludwigia Needle Leaf

        Another excellent delivery from APF. These plants came in net cups with rockwool protecting the stem base and roots. They had zero issues transferring from the rockwool to my substrate and the plants are starting to color up and taking on their true underwater growth pattern.