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Homalomena sp. Sekadau South - Tissue Culture Cup

Homalomena sp. Sekadau South is a fantastic plant of the family of Bucephalandra. It's native to Borneo and it was discovered in the same habitat as the famous Bucephalandra plant. It’s a very slow-growing plant, they only required little care to stay healthy. A rich nutrient substrate, medium to high lighting. CO2 is not required but it can benefit from it. Homalomena sp. Sekadau South is a rare plant so you won’t see them often in your local fish store. We finally have a chance to have this plant in stock, so buy it now before it's gone.

    CO2: Not Required
    Growth Rates: Slow
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium - High 

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent TC!

    This is the second time ordering and these TC do not disappoint! Sooo many plants in each culture and all perfectly grown.

    Great tissue culture

    Shipped quick and arrived quick. So excited to see these grow in. The cup was packed so full with plants and had a nice layer of the nutrient gel that it was hard to pull the plants out without tearing any leaves, stems, or roots.

    Beautiful aquarium plants

    Beautiful aquarium plants

    Homalomena sp. Sekadau South in Vitro

    First, the order I placed with Aquarium Plants Factory was my first venture into tissue culture plants and I couldn't be more pleased. When they arrived at my residence in Georgia (shipped in the August heat) they were still cold from the factory and all the plants arrived in excellent condition.

    Secondly, the Homalomena sp. Sekadau South will make an excellent plant once it grows in. The leaves were full and a beautiful vibrant green color. They have already grown an inch since I put them in my tank without CO2. As I previously said, I couldn't be more pleased with my order.

    Homalomena sp Sekadau South in vitro

    A great deal. I received five nice sized, health plants in the one container. They transitioned from cup to aquarium without an issue. Very happy.