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Green Jade Shrimp


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Common Name:  Green Shrimp / Green Jade Chocolate Shrimp [ EXCELLENT GRADE ]

Scientific Name: Neocaridina Davidi
Color: Green
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Water Conditions: 68-84°F, KH 0-5, pH 6.5-8.0, gH 8-12, TDS 250-300
Max. Size: 1.6 inches / 4 centimeters
Origin: Taiwan, Asia
Recommended Tank Size: 5 gallons or bigger

The Key Benefit of our Freshwater Shrimp

  • Ship in adult size, approximate 0.4 - 0.74 inch (1.0 - 1.9 cm)
  • Easy to care, unique, hardy, and beautiful. 
  • Friendly shrimp, safe for plants, fish, snails, and other aquarium inhabitants.
  • Control algae bloom. Balanced your aquarium water and create a great ecosystem environment.


Neocaridina Davidi also classified as Neocaridina Denticulata Sinensis, and Neocaridina Heteropoda. This freshwater ornamental dwarf shrimp from Taiwan is a very popular choice for your aquarium. Their lifespan is around 1 to 2 years. Adult shrimp can reach about 1.6 inches / 4 centimeters long. They prefer clean water with a temperature of 68 to 84°F / 20 to 29°C and a PH of 6.5 to 8.0

Throughout the years, ornamental shrimp and fish breeders from all around the world, especially Taiwan have created several colorful strains including Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Blue, Black, White and Transparent. The quality, grade, rarity, patterns, and density of the shell color can determine their sales price.


    Copper is toxic to invertebrates such as aquatic snails, crabs, shrimps, etc. Many commercial fish foods, medications, and plant fertilizers contain copper sulfate. Please avoid any aquarium product contains copper of any form or they may cause harm or even death to your invertebrates.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Very active and healthy upon arrival, but blue?

    When I first opened the package, I was happy to see my five new little shrimp darting around and they have continued to be very active while acclimating. I know color variations are to be expected, but two of the five are very vibrantly blue. The blue color is very beautiful, but I guess I was just expecting them all to be some sort of green color as that's what I think of when I read "green jade shrimp." Anywho, other than that very minor unexpected observation, I'm very happy with the timely shipping and health of my new shrimp :)

    Jade shrimp

    I was worried about the jades because it’s hard to find a good jade color. These were what the picture showed, of course with variations. Beautiful jades!! Came quickly and no losses so far. Love aquarium plants factory!!

    V Le
    Gorgeous high-grade shrimp

    I got these as a gift to my friend, a shrimp tank hobbyist, and he absolutely loved them. These shrimps arrived beautiful and healthy. And to only say that I'm pleased with my purchase would be an understatement: The customer service here is incredible. Super responsive and clearly takes product and consumer satisfaction seriously!

    Diane Mandala

    Beautiful green shrimp! All 15 arrived alive.

    Amy Hansen
    Fantastic Shrimp

    Bought 5 jade shrimp. All arrived healthy. 4 males and 1 female still merrily enjoying their tank.

    Lisa Livengood

    Very beautiful and all arrived fine