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Cryptocoryne Wendtii 'Green' - Tissue Culture Cup

Cryptocoryne Wendtii is one of the most popular, and widely available aquatic plants in the aquarium hobby. It has several color variations, and it can be found in green, red, and brown colors. The size of the leaves can vary greatly, and even the texture of the leaves can differ from plant to plant. Crypt Wendtii is an extraordinarily hardy plant, and it will thrive under low lighting and in both soft and hard water conditions. It is an excellent plant for both experienced and beginner aquarists. 

CO2: Not Required
Growth Rates: Medium
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Nutrient Substrate: Required
Lighting Requirements: Low - High 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michelle K.

Came quickly and super healthy. Jam packed cup of plants. Going through a melt right now but fingers crossed

Shaun Fett
Crypto Wendtii Green

The Crypto is absolutely beautiful green. So glad I found aquarium plants factory.

Natalie Otter

They arrived quickly and even on the hottest day of the summer, there was absolutely no damage to the plants.
The tissue culture cup was jam packed with lush, healthy plants.
I will definitely be ordering again.

Arthur Stevens Boal
Packed with dozens of plants!

I can barely believe how many tiny cryptocorne plants I was able to tease apart from this one little tissue culture cup. More than 40 plants! Shipping was prompt, and the greenery was lush. Five Stars.

Lush and beautiful

Came in lush and beautiful, these were probably some of my favorite aquarium plants I’ve ever bought, and I’ve bought from several places online. These little guys have a lot of gel on the bottom that needs to be washed off (I used aquarium water), and their roots all seem to converge into a mat. I gave up trying to separate them and cut the bridges between each group of plantlets with a scissors, but realized afterwards the plants were tough enough to just be firmly and slowly pulled apart and their roots would follow. Mine are doing well even in my hard water and seem to be growing. I am excited to see them grow more (fingers crossed, root tabs, and liquid fertilizer ;) )

Very Healthy

The plants arrived in decent condition and after a few days they look beautiful.