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Cryptocoryne Parva - Tissue Culture Cup

Cryptocoryne Parva (Crypt Parva) is one of the smallest species of Crypts. It's a great aquarium plant from Sri Lanka for the foreground areas. Crypt Parva will form a nice full carpet with small-sized green leaves when the right condition is met (Light, CO2, Nutrient, etc). 

    CO2: Not Required
    Growth Rates: Slow
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium-High

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

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    George Thorne
    Nice buy

    Came well packaged and nice color. Will add to tank and see how it takes.

    BEST online plant store

    First time buying live plants online, couldn’t be more happy.
    All Plants came extremely healthy (except for a couple leaves) , fast shipping, good price for the quality. Wouldn’t want to get any plants elsewhere.

    Kyle Poling

    This was my first time ordering from APF and I already feel like a loyal customer. The plants I received were in perfect condition!

    Adorable aquarium plant!

    Arrived in beautiful condition, easy to plant in sand.

    M R
    Small crypt

    This plant can be frustrating to try to get a hold of (its a slow grower), but I would say it is worth the wait. The leaves came in smaller than I was expecting but I believe that is partly due to these being culture tissue starters. These are my first crypts and I wanted to see what kind of crypt melt I would get. I waited a week after planting to review, and they seem to be doing great. There were a few yellow leaves to prune upon arrival, and maybe one per day or every other day (with 3 cups of tissue culture in the tank). I can see a few leaves starting to get lengthy so they have grown since getting planted in the tank.

    Bryan Bihorel
    Excellent quality

    These TC cups were beautiful specimens full of plantlets and I ended up having more than enough for my intended purpose. Because of that, I ended up adjusting my aquascape to accomodate for more of this plant. Will absolutely order again. In fact, I tried to, not even 1 week later, and they were sold out.