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Cryptocoryne Flamingo

Cryptocoryne sp. ‘Flamingo’ is a very rare and attractive aquarium plant. Crypt sp. ‘Flamingo’ only cultivated in the lab using tissue culture technology. It's a great plant for experienced aquarium enthusiast and high tech aquarium tanks.

  • Sold as a mature, potted plants. 
  • Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.
CO2: Recommended
Growth Rates: Slow
Difficulty Level: Expert
Nutrient Substrate: Required
Lighting Requirements: Medium-High 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Super Cool Crypt

Very Healthy Flamingo Crypt. Now its up to me get it grow and prosper for me.

Excellent piece!

As usual, it came in excellent condition. The plant looks beautiful, came with one big piece and a little one. The little one is currently thriving in my girlfriend's tank, the big piece has a leaf or 2 melting but that's expected from a crypt. Other than that, the shipping was quick, packaging was pristine.

Beautiful Crypt!

I waited a couple weeks after receiving this order, because, you know...crypts can be very delicate, finicky plants. The Flamingo I ordered arrived looking good. About six leaves; all were a slightly pink, brownish color, as expected. For me, I've always had luck with crypts by just slightly trimming the roots (for easier planting) and NOT trimming the leaves. This has worked for me, not saying that this will work for everyone, but for non-tissue cultured plants, this is what I do. The plant (and a couple "offspring" that fell off during the trimming/planting process) has been in my aquarium for two weeks and I have experienced no "crypt melt." Even better, the new leaves that are emerging are a vivid pink; not pinkish-brown, but actually pink. I do not use CO2 and I only use the light that came with my Fluval Edge 12. So, I would highly recommend this plant, if you are interested in giving it a try. It's expensive (obviously), but adds a beautiful touch of color to the greens and browns of my aquarium. (Wish I could post a better pic, but angles and reflections prevented it)


I have been looking for Flamingo crypt for a year now and I finally found it here so of course I bought two. They arrived perfectly healthy and with out any snails. I was very pleased with my order thank you apf!!

Nice plant

Healthy, large, rooted plant. No melt so far! Floated it in the tank for a day before planting.

Definitely good

Has not melted yet