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Crinum Calamistratum

Crinum Calamistratum, popularly known as the African Onion Plant, is a plant native to Africa. Crinum Calamistratum is a low-maintenance plant that spreads easily through tubers. It grows nicely in low to medium light with a current of water. This is an uncommon aquatic plant with long, thin, twisted leaves. The curly leaves can grow to be extremely tall, reaching up to 50 inches in length.
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Scientific Name: Crinum Calamistratum
Common Names: African Onion Plant
CO2: Not Required
Growth Rates: Slow
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Nutrient Substrate: Recommended
Lighting Requirements: Low-High

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Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous little onion!

Crinum Calamistratum is an African water onion. When I first decided to setup a tank a few years ago, this was the one plant I was most excited about. It was out of stock at the only plant shop I knew of and I didn't take the time to look for other aquatic plant retailers. Fast forward a few years, I finally took the search engine plunge. I found APF very easily and lo, they had this curly little cutie in stock! So yeah, it took a few years for me to get this, my dream aquarium plant, and it's so much more impressive in person!
The Crinum arrived in beautiful condition: all the leaves were intact and I did not experience any melt at all. This little beauty is thriving in my Dwarf Puffer tank, they love playing with the swirly fronds! If you're looking for an easy-care plant for a low tech setup with show-stopping beauty, this is it.

Cute little plant

My cc came in a little ziplock and I immediately put him in my tank. Substrate is Amazonia light. It didn’t die but didn’t make a lot of progress either. It is kind of there couple of tentacles seem to have grown a little. I think this plant is super slow to get established. It was a little cooked when it came but that is because it’s summer and I live in hot Midwest. I think it will come around. It sure is cute plant. It gets good circulation, light and nutrition so it’s just matter of time.

Great buy!

USPS lost my order for over a week, but they still were super healthy and I love them!