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Bucephalandra Green Wavy - Tissue Culture Cup

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Bucephalandra (Bucep / Buce plant) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae. There are more than 30 species of Bucephalandra which have been discovered mostly by S.Y. Wong and P.C. Boyce. Most of the species are found in Borneo. Bucephalandra is usually found growing as dense mats over stones or rocks in streams or rivers in a moist tropical forest. The colors of the leaf range from dark blue to green, often with white, yellow, red tinges or spots on the back of the leaves. Bucephalandra grows best when attached to the stone, rock or driftwood.
  • Sold as tissue culture, in vitro plants. (cup size: 2.5" x 2.5")
  • Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.
Scientific name:Bucephalandra
Common name:Bucep / Buce plants
Higher classification:Schismatoglottideae
CO2:Not Required
Growth Rates:Slow-Medium
Difficulty Level:Beginner
Nutrient Substrate:Not Required
Lighting Requirements:Low-High

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

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    Nice plants

    Nice plants

    Arrived in beautiful condition

    This arrived looking like the picture and they were beautiful. I had to wait about a week before planting but I kept the plants in their tubs at about 78 deg. air temp. I put a couple in my 15 gal. column tank and had to wait till the next day to plant them in my 40 gal. I don't know what went wrong but by the time I was going to plant the remainder the tub all I had were what looked like roots and stubs. I know that the leaves can and usually melt so I planted the remains any way. They have been planted better than four weeks with no new growth. Now to be perfectly honest I have never dealt withy tissue plants before so I figure I must have done something wrong. APF delivered great looking plants at a reasonable price. I plan on ordering more of these but maybe grown plants until I get more experience growing aquatic plants. I have to admit though the tissue cups seem to me a far better deal than to buy the plants as you get a lot of starts.

    Wow beautiful green plants

    Hey APF
    Thanks for such nice quality plant species of Bucephalandra
    I attached these plants to drift wood a couple days ago so I’m waiting for results
    However all other Cryptocoryne I’ve purchased are doing wonderfully well
    Highly recommended for plants here atAPF
    Keep on growing and keep your fishes happy

    Great plant

    The cup was really full of buce wavy green. It has about 5 small sections if you split it up. I decided to slowly transition it to submersed growth and so far so good. There has been minimal melt but lots of new leaves are sprouting so that is good. It came very healthy with lots of leaves and roots, and I'm happy with this purchase. :)

    Awesome plants from awesome seller

    These plants arrived super quickly and in wonderful condition. Weeks later, they are going strong, not a single melt. Would buy again in a heartbeat if I had any more space in my tank!