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Anubias White 'Nano Petite' - Tissue Culture Cup

Anubias White 'Nano Petite' is also known as Petite Snow White Marble. The color of the plant range from marbled green, light yellow to completely white. This is a true super petite nanosize Anubias White Petite. The size is comparable with our Anubias Nano 'Super Petite'

Disclaimer: Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation. Unless specific, we don't guarantee aquatic plants will be free of pests, pesticides, grow emerged, or submerge. 

    CO2: Recommended
    Growth Rates: Slow
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
    Lighting Requirements: Low - High 

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Beautiful, healthy portion!

    First order with APF, always saw them on Ebay before but never committed to an order. Glad I did this time around. Most TC cups I get in the mail, the gel has disintegrated and the plants are beat up from moving around. Nit this time around, gel was intact, plants are healthy and didn't come in pieces. Had a lot of portions that I was able to share with a friend.

    Tyler Nelson

    Very healthy plants smaller than i was expecting even though i was expecting very small. They pop out so nice like a white bouquet of flowers on my rocks. Only had like 2 or 3 pedals fall off while planting just due to messing with them I believe. Ive done a little research and heard these can have issues and melt away hoping that doesn't happen. So far 2 days and all perfectly fine no melting just stunning. Decent led light liquid co2 added every day and some flourish plant nutrients once a week. Might look into other ways to just keep these plants specifically alive.

    joel jennings
    First go

    This was my first order of a tissue culture. I ended up separating into 10 plants. I could have gotten more but left some clumps larger. Time will tell how they grow but they arrived very healthy.

    Rafal Kruzolek
    Beautiful plant!

    Absolutely beautiful aquarium plant and fast shipping! Highly recommend.

    Kendra Hunt
    Even in the cold ..

    Winter packing. And they came wonderfully. Even in the mailbox for a few hours.

    Very pleased. Always a happy customer.


    Beautiful plants! Every one of them
    put out a new leaf in two days after planting! I got 8 in a cup.