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Anubias Marble White - Nano Tissue Culture Cup

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Anubias Marble White is a very rare and attractive aquatic plant. It cultivated in the lab using tissue culture technology. It's a great plant for intermediate to experienced aquarium enthusiasts and medium/high tech aquarium tanks.

CO2: Recommended
Growth Rates: Slow
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Nutrient Substrate: Recommended
Lighting Requirements: Low - High 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Awesome culture!

Great tissue culture. Came very healthy and great looking. Some had 2-3 plants in them! Ordered the pack of 10 and got 16-18 plants out of them. Highly recommend

Nice plant

Great little tissue culture plant. Would buy it again.

Stunningly gorgeous little plant!

Truly a "nano" tissue culture! Despite there only being a single rhizome in the tiny cup, there were so many leaves and it was already so dense, I simply couldn't complain! I feel so lucky to have gotten my hands on this rare anubias! It's very beautiful and exactly as described and pictured above. However, be extremely careful and patient when transitioning to underwater submersed conditions, as to not melt the plant and rhizome. I've transitioned it into one of my tanks and it's already growing new leaves every day. I'm in love.

Great Looking healthy plant

These have only been in my tank 2 days but so far so good. Very small plant structure (which I like), was able to get 3 small bunches out of this tissue cup. Arrived healthy, very happy with my purchase.

Nice tissue culture

Compared to the 'loose' grown version, you will get about the same ratio for what you pay for, that is, this is a little cheaper and you get a little bit less (less leaves/smaller plant). The upside is that this is a tissue culture. I trust APF for the most part to have healthy plants when they are not lab-grown. I'm not against snails or anything like that, but this might be the way to go if you want to be fully commit and be able to just plop it in an aquarium or terrarium right off the bat.

What a Marvel!

Stunning plant - completely transforms your aquascape. My go to store now...