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Anubias Barteri Round

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Anubias Barteri Round is also known as Anubias Golden Coin. Interesting, round, coin shape leaves make this species stand out in any fish tanks and aquariums. It can grow quite large similar to other Anubias Barteri species. Anubias Barteri Round is hardy and suitable for Betta fishes to lay on the leaf and other aggressive fish like Cichlids or large fish like Arowana.

  • Sold as small Bare-root Plant, or Potted Plant
  • Bare-root Plants | Small bare-root, young baby plant
  • Potted plants | Mature, adult plant with net pot and rock wool

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    CO2: Not Required
    Growth Rates: Slow
    Difficulty Level: Beginner
    Nutrient Substrate: Not Required
    Lighting Requirements: Medium - High
    True Aquatic: Yes
    Can be grown as an emergent plant in a closed terrarium with a high humidity level: Yes

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Healthy and with many leaves but smaller than I thought.

    The plants arrived in less than a week. This barteri round where in perfect condition as you can see in the picture but way smaller than I thought it would be. Just a little bigger than a petite. Anyway, they look beautiful in my small beta tank.

    Everything arrived looking beautiful

    I bought an Anubias Barteri, Java fern, salvinia, bolbitis difformis, Java moss and an anubias petite on driftwood and everything arrived looking healthy, full and beautiful. Really impressed! Shipped pretty fast, too, and was packed to keep the heat in since it was coming to Massachusetts. This is my first time ordering from APF and I’ll definitely be ordering from them again - because like so many out there, I’m suffering from Multiple Tank Syndrome.

    Very Nice

    The plant I received has an impressive amount of leaves.

    absolutely gorgeous, full and healthy

    This is by far the most beautiful anubias nana I have ever seen. I received a full bunch with over a dozen leaves. I nestled it in my driftwood and it is a gorgeous centerpiece for my 5-gal nano tank.

    Kyle Mercado
    Incredible piece!

    The piece I received is FLAWLESS. The leaves are so green, no tears, yellows, or missing leaves. The rhizome was clean all the way down to its fairly elaborate root system.
    Impressive is an understatement.

    Jalen Balboa

    The plant came in healthy and nicely packaged