Alternanthera Reineckii

Alternanthera Reineckii - Aquarium Plants Factory
Alternanthera Reineckii - Aquarium Plants Factory
Alternanthera Reineckii - Aquarium Plants Factory
Alternanthera Reineckii - Aquarium Plants Factory
Alternanthera Reineckii - Aquarium Plants Factory
Alternanthera Reineckii - Aquarium Plants Factory
Alternanthera Reineckii

Alternanthera Reineckii

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Alternanthera Reineckii is also known as the Scarlet Temple plant. It features a narrow leaf that can develop stunning red, pink, magenta colors once adapt to your aquarium. There are many variety of Alternanthera Reineckii species, but this original version starts it all. Under good lighting and a rich nutrient environment, it will reward you with an eye-catching, beautiful plant with multiple colorations. Overall, you can't miss this plant for your planted aquarium and any nature aquascape design. 
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      Scientific Name: Alternanthera Reineckii
      Trade Names: Scarlet Temple / Telanthera Rosefolia
      CO2: Recommended
      Growth Rates: Medium
      Difficulty Level: Beginner
      Nutrient Substrate: Recommended
      Lighting Requirements: Medium-High

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 26 reviews
          Alberto Flores

          This plant is one week into its new aquarium and it is doing very great. I did my research on this plant before buying so I can get the best out of it. The growth is fast and the color is nice. I find the stem to be more sturdy than other stem plants as well. I don't use any CO2 in this tank and I use the same lighting that came with the aquarium when I purchased it. This is my new favorite plant and I will buy more for my other tanks.

          Let there be some Red...

          Decided to add some Red colored plants to my 10 gallon tank. Going to mix the Alternanthera Reinecki in between the Staurogyne Repens . My plants arrived individually housed in a secure sealed plastic slip and there was no leaking what so ever. Ive only had them in the tank for a week or so but already there are roots running from the sides and front of the stems.I have pretty good lighting and Co2 and by dosing THRIVE twice a week it might make for a successful planting. This is my second attempt at planting a red plant and with the information I received from APF,Im hoping for the best.

          They were Gobbled up!

          They were pretty when I put them in, but by the end of the week my goldfish gobbled it all up. Literally not even a stalk survived. It was packed very nicely and arrived very quickly.

          stacey hedges

          The plants I bought arrived alive and absolutely beautiful thank you very much I love them ūüėć

          Shawna Barracks
          Buy your plants here!

          Plants came very well packaged! And the plants are very healthy. My fish loves them, especially my angelfish. Very good communication with the seller! Thank you! Looking forward to get more plants in the very near future. Thanks again!!

          Plants looked great.

          The plants came very well packaged in a box with an aluminum blanket wrap and all the plants look very healthy. Ill update in a month on growth. Will buy again in future.

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