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Black King Kong Panda Shrimp

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Common Name: Black King Kong Shrimp / Black Panda Shrimp [ HIGHEST GRADE ]
Scientific Name: Caridina Cantonensis 
Family: Atyidae
Color: Jet Black / White
Care Level: Intermediate
Temperament: Peaceful
Diet: Omnivore
Water Conditions: 68-80°F, KH 0-5, pH 6.2-6.8, gH 4-6
Max. Size: 1.6 inches / 4 centimeters
Origin: China / Japan / Asia
Recommended Tank Size: 5 gallons or bigger

The Key Benefit of our Freshwater Shrimp

  • Ship in adult size, approximate 0.4 - 0.74 inch (1.0 - 1.9 cm)
  • Easy to care, unique, hardy and beautiful.
  • Friendly shrimp, safe for plants, fish, snail, and other aquarium's inhabitants.
  • Control algae bloom. Balanced your aquarium water and create a great ecosystem environment.


Caridina Cantonensis also known as Crystal Shrimp, Bee Shrimp or Tiger Shrimp. This freshwater ornamental dwarf shrimp originally from China and Japan is a very popular choice for your aquarium. Throughout the years, ornamental shrimp and fish breeders from all around the world, especially Taiwan has created several colorful strains from the wild type shrimp including the following collections:

Crystal Black / Panda / Shadow Panda / Black King Kong / Extreme Black
Crystal Red / Wine Red / Ruby Red / Extreme Red
Crystal White / Golden Bee / Orange Bee / Blue Bolt / Red Bolt
Crystal Blue Jelly / Crystal Green Hulk
Black Tiger / Black Line / Swiss Cheese / Naked Tail / White Venter / Black Diamond / Orange Eye Black Diamond
Orange Eye Blue Tiger / Blonde / Red Striped / Sky Blue / Indigo Blue / Deep Blue / Rusty Red / Royal Blue

The quality, grade, rarity, patterns, and the density of the shell color can determine their sales price.


Like other algae-eating shrimp, Caridina Cantonensis species is a scavenger and an algae eater so they can eat almost anything including left-over food from the fish or use special Crystal Red Shrimp food, biofilm, algae wafer, cooked spinach, bloodworm, seaweed, etc.


    Copper is toxic to invertebrates such as aquatic snails, crabs, shrimps, etc. Many commercial fish foods, medications, and plant fertilizers contain copper sulfate. Please avoid any aquarium product contains copper of any form or they may cause harm or even death to your invertebrates.

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    Gavin Haynes

    Beautiful shrimp