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APF Zoanthids are one of the most popular corals in the world. When open, these Zoa Polyps have the most vivid, eye-catching and wide range of colors such as fluorescent neon green, red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, blue, etc. The body of the Zoanthids looks like a garden of flowers. Their polyps, tentacles, and mouth can have some of the top vivid color morph combos. Here at the Aquarium Plants Factory, we keep them in the high nutrient environment. Medium to High Lighting and indirect strong water flow.
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APF Zoanthids Garden
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Single Head Polyps Duncan Coral Neon Green Whisker LPS Duncanopsammia Easy Reef Aquarium Plants Factory®
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Duncan Coral
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Neon Green Star Polyps Frag With Neon Blue Eyes | Pachyclavularia Briareum sp. Soft Corals Reef Aquarium Plants Factory®
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Green Star Polyps Frag | Neon Blue Eyes
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Ultra Red Gonipora Corals from Japan Goni Flowerpot APF Corals LPS Aquarium Plants Factory®
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Ultra Red Gonipora
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